Day 20

I’m starting to feel that finish line approaching… at 42k, I only have another 8k to write to complete nanowrimo. Of course, my story won’t finish then, it needs to continue on until it reaches a full conclusion. I’m guesstimating around 75k at the moment. I find I’m getting more nervous as I get closer to 50k – will I keep going properly? Will I shove it in a metaphorical drawer, never to see the light of day again? Will I be able to find something usable in there by the time I’ve finished?

At 36k I suddenly realised the motivation and situation of one of my main characters. Since then, I’ve found things are getting away from me. The government has turned nasty and my main character has a real dilemma to face. And I thought I was already making her life difficult! So, does she fight the system and risk losing her child or keep her mouth shut? Are the actions of a small minority enough to deal with a corrupt majority? Will the masses rise up and rebel? tune in for tonight’s thrilling instalment…

An extract: She weighed up the options, lying awake at night and worrying, and by Monday morning she still didn’t know what choice she was going to make.

And neither does her author…

Maybe it’s time I switched to the other main arc and see what she’s up to. She’s progressing fairly steadily, but I’ve a nasty feeling there might be a spanner in the works for her somewhere along the line too. I’m not sure whether this double arc is a blessing or a curse – it makes it easy to jump to the other arc when I get stuck on one, but on the other hand maybe I need to push through the pain and see what happens.

Ah well, I’ve still got about 800 words to write for today’s instalment, so I’d better get on. Still looking forward to a couple of full day write-ins. I’m also wondering how much time it will need to go through the story and check its flow and plot as well as actually adding to the word count. I’m trying not to tear on so fast I can’t use anything, but I know there will be chunks. The important thing is not to get so far off track that I’m writing for the sake of the word count and not for the storyline.


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