The power of sprints

Oops, missed a day on here yesterday – in my defence, Sunday is actually the busiest day of my week, what with the housework, washing and ironing to be done as well as working for two hours. I now take Wednesday as my weekend!

I may have missed a blog post, but I didn’t miss the writing session. Yesterday I stopped at a very respectable 6.5k ish, and today thanks to facebook I managed to excel myself, writing 2138 words in a series of sprints this evening, to add to the thousand or so I had already written in the afternoon. For anyone who’s unaware, sprints are “heads down typing” timed sessions, either at an actual physical meetup or via facebook – although on facebook it’s a little harder to co-ordinate the go! and stop! yells, I guess (I haven’t attended a physical meetup yet).

The words are flowing, the count is going up, I’m not sure how much use any will be, but it’s getting a rough shape to work with. I think it’s like a lump of clay – getting the clay and pushing it into the rough shape before going back over it and refining it to the shape you want.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…

Scrivener is performing very well – because of the nature of my story, I have three story arcs that at some point will start to intermingle. this means I can pick up on any of the arcs and work on it as I wish. Scrivener allows me to jump easily from section to section, keeps count of my session total as well as my overall total and I have the security of knowing that it will be easy to move the parts around later on.

I also found myself referring to the timeline at one point, to check how old a character was at a certain point in the story. So I’m very happy with the tools I’m using and the method of running through the draft like this – it may not be anywhere near as refined as taking it slowly and doing it properly, but it’s getting written, and at the end of the month I’ll have something to show and to work on. I don’t mind the waffle I’m writing because it’s helping to clear my thoughts and once I’ve laid it all out I can start carving it as I need.

I’ve had new characters appearing and introducing themselves, but so far the main characters haven’t tried to impose their will on me. I guess I’ll need to keep pushing further for that.



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