I have a small confession to make. My word contribution for today included around 800 words that were written before the official start of nano. It seemed pointless to restart that passage completely from scratch, but in my defence it needed heavy editing, so took about as much time as writing it from scratch would have.

I did exceed my target, and beat the nano average by quite a bit, taking my total so far to 4745. I’m recording characters in my notebook as I go through. I’m trying to spend time thinking about the project as well as the time spent actually writing.

I haven’t got far enough in so far for it to take me over properly, but if I keep going then it will come. I’ll reach a point where the words start flowing and it becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. That time might come quicker if I stop the TV episodes running on the other screen!

I’ve now gone further than any section I’ve written before, so no more cheating. No stopping at 50k, either. I think I need to be more deeply aware of my characters and what they want out of life, because at the moment I’m falling into the trap of letting them drift and react only. Trying to create a system that might work but carries faults is also trickier than creating a system that is obviously flawed – the latter would have been changed, surely, while the former just might be kept on.

All in all, subtle is better than obvious, but harder to write. And it’s all very well saying tell not show, but I think I need to go read some good books to see how they do it.

All these tricks that good writers use – that are completely invisible until you realise they must be there and go looking for them. Fascinating to study.


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