Gearing up and getting nervous

Just over four hours until the official start of nanowrimo. I’ve planned, I’ve thought. I’ve built up a timeline. I’ve generated some random names to help me out. I know I have a sound, well thought out idea.

So why am I getting nervous?

Having made the decision a couple of months ago to write the first draft for nano, I’ve had a good excuse for not writing. But that excuse ends tonight and the pressure is on.

I’m worried that I won’t do justice to my idea. That my characters will be wooden and flat, my dialogue stilted, my descriptions non-existent, my ending trite.

And yet – it’s nano. It’s the first draft. It’s allowed to not be good. That’s what the rewrites are for – all of them. However many it takes. Because this isn’t just for the next 30 days; just as it started months ago – years ago – it will not end until I’ve taken it as far as I can possibly take it. And then I start enlisting others to help out.

I’m at a coffee shop for an hour tomorrow having breakfast, between my morning swim and a dance exercise class. I intend to use that hour fleshing out settings. Because the planning doesn’t stop just because the writing starts. I still need to consider as I go through, check I’m on target with content as well as word count and keep my planning ahead of my writing (I still don’t know exactly how the second half will go, but maybe the first half will take 50,000 words by itself!).


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