Two days to go

I’m getting ready for the big day – on 1st November I’m starting my first draft of my novel, to be written as part of nanowrimo, a challenge to write 50,000 words during November. I’m not supposed to actually start writing until the 1st, so how am I preparing?

I’ve tried to resist looking out for new beta reading projects – trying to keep my schedule clear for the month. I’ve done a lot more planning than I’ve ever done for a writing project. I have a timeline drawn up for the first half of the novel, and am in the process of setting up scrivener ready. Today I headed out with my laptop to one of the cafes that are scheduled for a nano write-in next month. I set up my laptop and ipad with their wifi and had a peaceful time making notes on the characters I’ll be writing about. I already had notes on the main characters, but there are others that they’ll be interacting with, so I started thinking about those and making up names and backgrounds. Scrivener has a random name generator, so I’ll be using that to help me out – I hate it when the words flow to the point of needing a name and then it’s like hitting a wall. I now have a notebook that I can keep with me and use for reference as I write, looking up the name of that person she met three chapters ago and adding details of any background that we learn of people.

Tomorrow I’ll have scrivener on one screen and the timeline on the other, making sure they match up. That will give me a last chance to make sure the planning is sound before I start adding muscles, ligaments and flesh to the bones – it will be harder to change once I get words committed to the story.

So I have plenty of time reserved and plenty of ideas on what to do with it. I’m feeling positive and determined that this project will see an end – that it won’t just be 50,000 words that I never touch again but a full draft that I’m then prepared to edit and see through to a finished piece of writing. Just one day to go – to be spent clearing a couple of projects related to teaching materials – and then I’ll be on my way.


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