Insecure Writers’ Support Group time again

Today, being the first Wednesday of the month, is Insecure Writers Support Group Day.

Thanks, to  Alex J Cavanaugh for hosting. You can find all the info and see links to other participants on Alex’s blog.

My fiction plans have changed somewhat since last month! Rather than go with a new story, I’m revisiting an old one. I have a story that’s burning in my head – every time I open a newspaper there’s usually an article that reminds me of my idea and why I want to write it. I even got as far as a complete first draft for nanowrimo a few years ago, but then it sat untouched for years.

Now I’m reviving it, developing the plot and the characters, and I’ve even written another draft of the opening and submitted it to the writers’ group for the next meeting.

It’s a project I can really get excited about, and I’ve also accepted that a large proportion of “writing” is actually taken up with thinking, planning, plotting, developing characters and settings and generally building the world for the story, rather then directly putting words together.

My husband makes model boats. He does this not so that he has a finished product at the end – it’s more of a sigh: where do I put this and what can I work on next? – but because he thoroughly enjoys the process of working with the materials and seeing something develop. I’ve decided that’s the attitude I’m going to take towards my writing. It would be nice to have a finished, high quality end product, but the important thing is to enjoy the process.

With that in mind, the draft I’ve submitted for comments has gone off on the understanding that I KNOW it’s not good. I know it does maybe a quarter of what I’d like it to do. What I want to know is how I can improve it. I’m quite confident that my idea is wonderful and well worth carrying out. What I’m not at all confident about is that my writing is currently of a high enough standard to do justice to it. In fact that’s why it was originally set aside: to wait until my writing skills catch up to what I want to do. What this didn’t take account of, of course, is what I’m going to do to get my writing to that stage!

So it’s continuing with plotting and planning, figuring out just who needs to exist in this world and what part they need to play, and waiting to see what other people think of it. I believe I’m ready to take serious feedback from other writers; I hope I’m ready. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. Good luck at the writers group honey! 🙂


  2. Ahhhh, revisiting old friends! I have a folder of those. Write what you’re passionate about, whether it’s what blinking at you on the computer screen or whispering to you from a closed drawer. I’ve blown the dust off several old projects and had them published – in fact my current 8 book series with Pocket was born of a proposal written ten years ago!

    • Really? That’s good to know. I always believed the first novel or two would be rubbish so don’t try a proper one until you’ve got a couple of rubbish ones out of the way. Just starting to realise if I don’t believe in it I’ll never finish it anyway 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


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