Time for business

I’m just back from holiday (workhouse-related news from that in another post) and now it’s time to throw myself into the business. As I’ve said before, I’m setting up a business to provide publishing and educational services, which means copyediting, proofreading, technical writing and tutoring.

I’m confident I can do this, but as part of my plans I’ve paid out for a couple of training courses. This will provide concrete evidence for myself and for clients that I can do the job properly, and check whether there’s anything I don’t know I don’t know (always the most dangerous of ignorances!). It’s also part of the process of becoming accredited by the main professional body.

I checked up whether there was any issue in taking both courses at once, and was told basically it depends on the individual, so I was a little irritated to receive a phone call after signing up, saying that they usually recommend deferring one until the other is finished. This seems a little odd when they already warn it can take around four weeks between sending off an assignment and getting feedback and the materials for the next, on a course that is described as taking several months, and annoyed me no end when it contradicted the advice already received from them!

I know I’m not doing all this in the best way: I don’t have the luxury of training at a slow and steady rate and then building the business up bit by bit. Circumstances have put me in a position where I need to be up and running as soon as I can, and I’m doing this the best way I can find.

It feels like I have several irons in the fire at the moment, and I’m not entirely sure what the business will look like in a year’s time. That’s not to say I don’t have a plan; I’ve been self employed and running my own business, or working more or less independently within an organisation, for far longer than I’ve been working as one small cog in a very large machine, so I’m not worried about that aspect of things at all. I’m making sure I do the right sort of training so I can provide proof I’m accredited. I have short-, medium- and long-term plans. I know what areas I need to be concerned about, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

While I enjoyed my holiday, I’m now happy that it’s time to start putting things into motion and taking control of my time and my work life. Okay, and time to tidy my desk and bookshelves too, I admit. Meanwhile, there’s my beta reading to work on, and anyone need a proofreader?



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