It is decided

Okay, I read halfway through my nanonovel last night, and as I suspected, the plot is trite and contrived, the characters flat. It lacks so much that it would need in order to be publishable quality.

And yet the germ of the idea is indeed there. I’m not even sure whether I’ll keep the basic setup at the start, but I do know the world it’s set in is one I wish to explore further. After reading this article in today’s newspaper, which gives a glimpse into one part of the sort of world my story is set in, I have decided that this is the novel I’m going to focus on. I was, naively, setting it aside on the basis that the first novel is always rubbish – I’m not sure whether I was expecting that to count as the first, or whether the intention was to write a couple of novels and then return to it so I could do it justice, but whatever – this is one that I really do believe in, and so it’s the one that will get my attention.

The trouble with the start was that I started off with a specific idea. Then when I did an OU course I found one assignment (the one that never did get finished) could be completed by adapting the start of my story, so the basics of the middle were the same but the way we got there was a different path.

Now I need to decide which path to follow. Or whether to follow two main characters (or maybe three) so that I can explore more possibilities that this world/situation offer, the drawback to that being that it’s more of a challenge to write three intertwining storylines than it is to stick to one, but I do believe that the resulting story would be richer.

I have a vague idea of some of the problems she/they will encounter on the way. I have a vague idea of how I want it to end. I’m just not completely clear on how it starts in the first place, so I’m going to spend some time making sure that I know exactly how my world works, so that I can then decide how to capitalise on that best.

This particular story has been in my mind for so long, I can’t believe that I kept overlooking it and pushing it off.

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