Writing and reviewing

It’s occurred to me that I can be very good at getting words down, but not so hot on editing or reviewing those words. I’ve got ideas, stories and notes in many different locations, some in notebooks, some on scraps of paper and some in various folders on my computer and other devices.

I’ve started going through old stuff, printing out the 1000 words a day I did (all three days that I managed it!) and then typing up handwritten stuff from an old ringbinder I found. While doing this, I’ve come across some short story plots I wrote for the writing course I started decades ago and gave up on. So I guess they’ll join in the review process, and I might actually get something usable out of them.

The 1000 words a day was a really useful exercise, and now I have no excuse not to do it, so I’m intending to get back to it and make it a part of my daily routine just as the morning pages are becoming.

I’m also creating a template to write them on, with a header, page numbers and a footer containing the date and the file name, plus the normal formatting for the page being kindle-compatible, just in case I ever decide they’re worth doing anything with.

One thing I do need to do is to re-read what I’ve written. Looking back, the three days that I did do produced some interesting stuff that now needs to be thrown back in the mixer and broken up and processed further before it’s actually useful, but I’m the only one who can do that, so I need to make sure I do.

In the meantime, I’ll continue the process of reviewing via typing up, saving in a central location and printing out my work.

How do you keep your writing organised? How do you review your writing and ideas and figure out what’s useful and what can be safely discarded? (Can anything be safely discarded?)


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  1. I don’t 😀 I’m terrible for re-reading, especially when it comes to blogging! Well done on getting organised!

  2. Haha, you’re assuming I’ll stay organised? Well, maybe, but I have my suspicions.

  3. I’m a bit on the scatterbrained side of things when it comes to writing and am of the view that very few things can be safely discarded until I’ve followed them up in some way. It surprises, often enough to pay attention, how something’ll come of some old half written paragraph on a scrunched up corner of paper in a back pocket somewhere. As you can imagine, this approach leads to a very untidy existence, I’m not recommending it. What I’m admiring is your ability to keep to the 1000 words a day. Truly, I salute you. It’s my biggest writing weakness, being disciplined about producing consistent daily output. If I could do it for a month I’d be euphoric.

    • Well I’m working on the 1000 a day habit! Interesting to hear how these ideas can mount up to something, I’m enjoying going back through stuff and seeing the different ideas I’ve had. Good luck with the writing!

  4. Ha ha ha that first paragraph you wrote….SNAP! Lol

    I’m soooo unorganised 😦 41 notebooks that need to be indexed and don’t even start me on the stuff on my Mac lol

    Good luck honey xx


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