Plan for the first week

I still have two weeks and one day until the end of term, but things are definitely easing a little. I’ve had my first “last” (last time of teaching a particular group of students), and I should have a bunch more lasts next week, plus our sports day. The following week is mostly trips and fun activities rather than proper teaching.

Term finishes on Monday lunchtime (yes, a very odd time!) so I’ve already started to think about how I’ll spend the rest of that week, being the first week of a new way of life.

I think Monday afternoon will probably be spent vegging out and playing computer games. It definitely won’t be spent the same way as I spent the afternoon last time school term finished at lunchtime, which was going into town to video the area for the kids’ coursework and being embarrassed publicly by the behaviour of some of our younger kids in the main street and in the car-park where they were hanging out.

Tuesday I’ll go for a run (but not too early!), then I’ll do some tidying and organising in the house. In the afternoon I’ll be working some more on the proofreading course I’m doing. This is proving very useful, by the way – by showing that I can do the job, by showing that I need to re-sensitise myself to the tiniest errors after years of having to turn a blind eye to all but the very worst, and by showing that I do need to learn aspects such as correct mark-up and business aspects of the job.

On Wednesday I’m planning what I hope will be the first of many visits to the Historical Records Centre, to find out what I can about some of the workhouse inmates in my research. I’ll probably have a late lunch somewhere in Maidstone and then call in Hobbycraft before I come home.

On Thursday it will be another run, more housework/admin tasks, and then the afternoon looking through business stuff or doing the proofreading course if it’s not finished by then.

On Friday I’ll be doing a coding project in the morning, and then maybe getting the paints out in the afternoon. While I have the chance, and not much work to do, I want to make Friday my fun day. I’ll also be fitting in research on the workhouse whenever I can.

There’s no point in trying to drum up business for myself until after our week away, so the time before then will be spent chilling out, getting fit and getting ready for business, making sure I’m as prepared as I can be for the work ahead.

Looking forward to being back in control again.


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  1. My thoughts are with you! It’s nice to see others who are not part of the “norm.”


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