So far so good

Yesterday and today I’ve managed to get out and exercise. I walked 3k yesterday and ran 3k today, and enjoyed both. I’m a little wary of doing too much, because my knees protest a bit, but I’m determined to beat that PB. I’ve also been eyeing up 10k races in my area, and found one at the end of July and one in mid-September. I’m seriously considering doing both, but if I’m going for the July one I really need to push up the speed. So do I wait until I can run faster and then enter the races? Or do I enter the races and use that as a spur to get going properly on training?

As for writing, I have indeed managed 1k words yesterday and today. So that’s 2k words of trash writing. It’s poor, it even contains spelling mistakes (and boy does that hurt, allowing mistakes to remain!) but I’m aiming for quantity and speed over quality, and I’m trying out different ways into my story to figure out the best approach.

Morning pages were completed this morning, so all in all I think I’m doing pretty well, and am awarding myself a pat on the back.


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