After the storm, the calm

The wind has died down, the waves receded leaving me gasping gratefully on the beach and now I’m ready to move forward again. The half term is fast drawing to an end and it’s time to prepare for one last stretch. I’m also about to start The Artist’s Way with a group of friends and soon-to-be friends. In order to reach the summer in the best possible shape (in all senses) I’ve got some rules I intend to follow:

  • Morning pages every morning, at least 2 A5 pages but aiming for the 6 A5 that makes a complete set (easier to manage an A5 notebook than an A4 one in bed)
  • Regular running, at least three times a week (parkrun can count for one of these)
  • Sensible eating, for health and for hunger, not for comfort
  • first focus needs to be on my work
  • second focus needs to be on preparing for the summer
  • I do need regular breaks, so Saturday afternoons are reserved for Artist’s Dates, i.e. something creative
  • my time as much as possible needs to be spent doing something constructive – Friday and Saturday evenings are allowed to be more relaxed, but there is no excuse during the rest of the week
  • build in regular routines for things like paperwork and housework
  • Dare I add something else in as well? an attempt at a photo a day? I did enjoy it when I did the challenge before (was it November?) because I had to make the effort to take a picture every day. I don’t know if it will be too time-consuming though. Might try it for next week, and see where I go from there.

Wish me luck!


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