I am Schrödinger’s Cat

I am Schrödinger’s cat, and my life hangs in the balance. Am I alive or am I dead? I do not yet know. I am waiting for someone to remove the lid, look inside and reveal the truth to me.

What do I think? I think I refuse to think. It is not for me to have any opinions or decisions on the matter. My fate lies entirely in the hands of others.

It is a strange feeling, to be so helpless, so reliant on others. It is not by choice; and yet it is. The duality of it is fascinating and unpleasant.

The box is open. The verdict is in. The cat is dead.

And yet…

Are we really sure of what we are sure of? Is the truth the truth? Is the cat completely dead or is there still a glimmer of hope? Or should the cat refuse the box and run, free to make its own path or starve?

Sorry, it’s been a strange day 😉


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  1. haha really cool prose you’ve written there! would love to see a longer story with a journey though. But I _love_ your concept in this, on how our fate in dependent of something way beyond our control. Please do tell me if you’re actually gonna write sth like this again.

    • Glad you liked it! It was inspired by a job interview, where I found myself pondering which way my life would go – either I would get the job, and it would change one way, or I wouldn’t, in which case it would be completely different. I so hated that out of control feeling that I’ve now gone self-employed 🙂

      Not sure if anything like that will crop up again, but I am working on a novel at the moment. Watch this blog for further developments!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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