Z is for Zombies

Zombies saved my life. Maybe even literally. Not real zombies, of course; I’m not even a zombie type of person. I’m disturbed at the current trend of fascination with the undead, and the idea of zombies and vampires really does nothing for me.

But last summer I was studying gamification, via an online course, and came across mention of an app called “Zombies, Run!” which made exercise into a game. I decided to try it out, downloaded it, put my headset on and then went for a walk, as the idea is that you listen to the story between music tracks, and as you move you pick up objects that you can use to build up your base.

I soon became engrossed in the story and characters, and started to walk regularly. Within a week, that walking turned into running; I used to run years ago, but it faded out. Over the past few years I’d done little exercise other than walk the dog, and then when we lost the dog there was nothing. Now suddenly I was out in running clothes, and while at first I was doing far more walking than running, I gradually built up. A friend had been talking about parkrun, and I’d been curious enough to look it up. The discovery that the only one anywhere near me was only 5 miles away was the spur to start that regularly.

Between Parkrun and Zombies, Run my life has been transformed over the past six months or so. I now run 5k regularly (four times last week!) and am building up to faster speeds and longer distances. I’m starting to feel that buzz from physical fitness, and losing the extra weight that had been dragging me down. Mentally, I find that running stabilises me and helps me gain perspective on stressful situations.

With the release of the new season of Zombies, Run! missions, the transformation is complete. I’ve gone from zombie to runner, and I’m loving it.

And something else I’ve been loving is this challenge, which has reached the dramatic conclusion! Thanks for staying with me. Now, what’s the next challenge? 😉

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  1. I just started with the Zombies, Run app and love it so far! 🙂


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