U is for Undecided

Oh dear, I had a few possible words for U, but was not sure which to choose, so I delayed for a while. And then I forgot completely. Now I feel guilty that this post is a few hours late.
How many times do we miss something just because we can’t make up our minds?
Sometimes it’s important to be uncertain – when meeting someone for the first time, or trying something new, for example. It’s frustrating when people come to something already convinced they hate it.
At other times, however, we need to be prepared to make a decision and move forward on it, because it’s more important to do something than to be completely convinced it’s the best possible solution; as I’ve already said in an earlier post, it’s usually far easier to correct something wrong than it is to set off perfectly – and starting off quicker means more progress overall.
Now, need to figure out a V and catch up!

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