R is for Running

RI’m taking part this month in an A-Z blog challenge. The idea is that every day in April excluding Sundays I post using a different letter of the alphabet.  Today we’re up to R.

Someone commented on an earlier entry that they don’t understand why anyone would enjoy running, so I thought R would be a good opportunity to try and explain.

I don’t always enjoy running, I must admit. Sometimes it’s tough to be out there. And I’m probably not as good as I should be at forcing myself out into the cold or when I’m feeling tired. But I always enjoy having run. Without exception, every time I’ve come back home and showered I’ve felt better physically and mentally. Well, maybe not so much physically the weekend of my first parkrun, when I was reduced to lying on the sofa for a couple of days, but generally – yeah, it’s always made me feel better.

It’s a chance to sort through my thoughts as I run (that’s why audiobooks are no good). It’s a chance to work through frustrations by physical exertion. And it’s a chance to get exercise, to know that I’m helping to keep my body in better working order.

I went for a parkrun as usual this morning, me and over a hundred other people running a 5k route as we do every Saturday morning. I’m trying to improve my time at parkrun, but every week I’m reminded that there are many people who are fitter and faster and me – and quite a few of them are older too, so I can’t use age as an excuse. The real problem is that I’m not putting enough effort between runs, to increase my general fitness and speed. There’s no avoiding it, no arguing it away, because I can see clearly that I need to do more.

Every time as I run, I have moments when I ask my body, “Can you run any faster? Do you have anything more to give?” Today, as I approached the last 500 metres, I asked the same question, and instead of the usual answer of, “I think maybe a little,” my body answered, “Yes!” and it was the fastest finish I’ve managed since I started running again six months ago.

I’d almost forgotten what that feeling of joy and energy was like, but truly, that is what I’m looking for when I run, and the more I run, and the more effort I put into life generally, the more I expect to be able to find that feeling again.



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  1. Good for you regarding your love of running. Taking long walks used to do that for me. Alas, the excuse that my preferred trail is too crowded is no longer cutting it.

  2. Emmy, I very much enjoyed your post today. (Even though it’s yesterday’s post, but I’m reading it today.)

    I’ve never been a runner or an exercise person overall. But I do brisk walks and what you wrote really resonated with me in that I suddenly feel inspired to reinvest myself in taking care of my health. I liked that you detailed your struggle to keep up with it and to challenge yourself. And especially that you gain so much from the effort. That’s what I’m after and that was the appeal of reading a topic that normally would not hold my interest.

    So, well done, you.

    Cheers from your fellow A to Z Challenger.



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