O is for obvious

Some letters jump out at me. This one I admit I’ve struggled with. It was a shock to realise how far through the alphabet we’ve come already – somehow O feels near the end.
In the end I’ve decided to go for the obvious. Sometimes we avoid it, just because it is obvious. We’d rather look for something unusual. Or we just don’t notice it because it’s so obvious – I’m a good one for that. But what’s wrong with being obvious? What’s wrong with making it very clear where you stand, or going for the easy solution?
My favourite type of story is one that keeps me guessing until suddenly everything falls into place and the answer is revealed. That’s the sort I intend to write one day. I’ll have to plan it carefully first, obviously!

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  1. Obviously, a good post.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting


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