Award time!

Liebster award logoThanks to the two people who nominated me for an award! It’s called the Liebster award, and Dizzy Stir and Reading, Writing and Life both  put this blog forward. As I understand it, this particular award is for blogs participating in the a-z challenge and with fewer than 200 followers, to give them a bit of a boost.

To accept the nomination I have to fulfil these requirements:

  1. Post the award on my blog
  2. Thank the blogger who gave me the award and link back to their site
  3. Post 11 random facts about myself
  4. Answer 11 questions that the presenter of the award has asked
  5. Nominate 11 new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that I want to pass the award on to
  6. Ask my nominees 11 questions of my own

So I’ve linked back to both bloggers who nominated me.

11 random facts about myself:

  1. I chose my secondary school on the basis of the books in their library.
  2. I’m by far the youngest of my family.
  3. I have an O level in Latin.
  4. I was in Girls’ Brigade in my youth.
  5. I’m hopeless at housework.
  6. I like books that are tightly plotted, so that random things tie up together in a nice knot at the end.
  7. My childhood bedroom had hunting scenes on the wallpaper (I was mad on horses).
  8. I took a test a couple of years ago to ride a motorbike.
  9. I still feel the failure of being unable to complete a writing project at the age of 11.
  10. I still feel the buzz of a good painting I did at the age of around 9.
  11. I love wolves.

Having been nominated twice, I have twice as many questions to answer!

  1. Of the Three Stooges, which one are you most like: Larry, Curly, or Moe? Sorry, Never seen the Three Stooges at all!
  2. If you could take the place of any character in any book, who would it be and why? Ooh, tricky! Sounds corny, but Elizabeth Bennett perhaps?
  3. Mac or PC? PC all the way. Although I do have an iPad and an iPhone.
  4. What is your favorite book cover of all time? I do most of my reading on kindle these days, via my ipad app, so don’t see covers very often. I like a nice fantasy cover, though. And drawn, not photographed.
  5. What are the last 5 books you’ve read? Little Girl Lost by Brian Gilloway. Can’t Live Without, by Joanne Phillips. The Boy from Hell: Life with a child with ADHD, by Alison Thompson. Downton Abbey Scripts for series one. Games Design with Flash. A varied list!
  6. If your life was a movie, who would you want to play your nemesis? (HA! Tricked you on that one!) I survive the trick, because I think my nemesis is myself anyway! Toyah Wilcox would be fun I think.
  7. Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla. I like chocolate but not chocolate-flavoured things.
  8. By some strange accident of fate, I’ve been stranded in your home town. Can I stay at your place? I hate to sound inhospitable but I hate people coming into my home if I don’t know them really, really well 😦
  9. Are you sure? Never sure. Always assuming I’m wrong. Trying to get over that.
  10. What was your favorite book as a child? One of the Famous Five books, probably. And then one of the Saint books. Overall, I’m going to plump for Saint Overboard, as I still remember picking it up and finding it was really good (It was my father’s book, and I’d always assumed they were a) deadly dull and b) religious!).
  11. What is one word that describes your current MC? I’m not actively working on any fiction at the moment, I have lots of ideas/projects on the boil but nothing actually progressing particularly. One I would describe as special, and another as pregnant.

And for the second set:

  1. How many hours a day do you spend writing? On days I have time, a couple. When I’m working, more pottering around than actually writing.
  2. Who do you have to critique and/or edit your work? I’m working on a technical project, which my husband will help on. With fanfiction that I write, I’m afraid I usually push it out too fast. Once I’ve actually managed to complete a project, it will go to a friend or couple of friends who specialise in editing.
  3. What is your guilty pleasure? Taking time for myself, to run or relax.
  4. Why did you start blogging? I find that putting my thoughts down helps me figure out what they are, and getting stories down on paper helps me get them out of my head.
  5. What is your most popular blog post? Probably one of my technical posts on my other blog.
  6. What do you want written on your tombstone? She finally figured out what she wanted.
  7. What are some of your favorite books to read? (I’m graciously not limiting this to one.) Ender’s Game. Dick Francis books. I’ve read far too many to have very many I keep going back to.
  8. If you could have any one super-power, what would it be? To know what I want and how to do it easily. Or alternatively, to fly.
  9. If you could be invisible for a day, would you use your invisibility for evil or good? Good. I find it hard to do bad things deliberately even in something like a game.
  10. What would your “last supper” consist of? Pate on toast, liver and bacon with jacket potatoes. Then raspberry pavlova.
  11. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who don’t do what they’re supposed to do.

Nominate 11 bloggers, these are supposed to be those with fewer than 200 followers. In practice, I’m just going to nominate just a few blogs I enjoy reading, because most of the blogs I follow aren’t on the a-z challenge, and because I love breaking the rules.


Ask my nominees 11 questions:

  1. What’s your favourite TV program?
  2. If you were buying a book for someone who doesn’t usually read, what would you buy?
  3. Fiction reading or non-fiction reading?
  4. Do you read more than you write or write more than you read?
  5. What’s for breakfast?
  6. Type or handwrite?
  7. What was your favourite childhood tv or book character?
  8. How do you think the world will end?
  9. Radio/music or TV in the background?
  10. Housework: love it or loathe it?
  11. How good are you at doing what you know you should do?

Okay, that’s it, folks!





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  1. Congrats.

  2. This is so cool. I think I told you I am a newbie at this and there was a lot of steps up there so do I do what you did up there? I am not sure how to link yet but I will find out. I loved your answers! to your questions.

    • Yes, it’s a pass it on award – you do all the same steps and then pass it on to more bloggers. You should have controls when you do a web post to be able to create hyperlinks as well. Have fun!

  3. Congratulations honey and thanks for the nomination! 🙂 xx

  4. Congratulations on the Award, and thank you for the Nomination. I have accepted it today. thank you again.

  5. Gosh, I’m honored. Now to fufill the terms so that I can accept the award….

  6. Loved reading your answers! Thanks for participating. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  7. Haha, this is too funny! I’ve found your blog thanks to the A to Z Challenge, and am enjoying it immensely. So much so, that in order to help some of my readers find you as well, I decided to nominate you for a Liebster award in my post at Unfortunately, I’m a little behind the 8-ball–I had pre-written my post last Tuesday to auto-publish on Saturday while I was out of town, but due to lack of internet service while I was away, I couldn’t notify my nominees until today. You are free to accept my nomination or not, I just wanted my little corner of the world to know what has caught my eye lately. ☺

  1. A Lotta Liebsters | The View Outside

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