I is for indulgence

A fancy cake? A day out? A bar of chocolate? Or five minutes to yourself? What’s your favourite indulgence? Mine today was to enjoy a chat with a friend and a wander around a bookshop. There’s still work to be done but the intention is to return to it tomorrow having refuelled myself with a nice relaxing day. We all deserve to indulge ourselves sometimes, don’t we?

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  1. Good question! Maybe buying a new pair of shoes? I would love a spa day. Closest thing for me is getitng my hair cut and my gal doesn’t even shampoo my hair any more!

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  2. A wonderful ‘i’ word – and something most of us should allow more often. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. It was fun 🙂 Next time, we WILL have cake! lol


  4. My weakness is a detour towards an undiscovered trail, or bookstore, or almost any shiny thing. Indulgence? A good cup of tea and uninterrupted reading time. (smile)


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