C is for Cutie Mark Crusaders


Cutie Mark Crusader Pirates

Not what you were expecting maybe?

Thanks to my son, I’ve become involved with My Little Ponies. Just to explain about this series: each pony has their own special skill, and when they discover what their special skill is they get a cutie mark on their flank that symbolises it. A young pony has not yet discovered their special skill, and so they have no cutie mark. This, of course, can be a source of bullying, as those who have a cutie mark poke fun at those yet to discover their talent, calling them blankflanks.

A few young ponies have banded together to support each other in their quest to find their true talents, and so their cutie marks. They call themselves the cutie mark crusaders. Together they try all sorts of new activities, hoping that this will turn out to be the one that tells them where they belong in the world.

Why have I picked them for this post? Because I still feel that I’m looking for my cutie mark. While others around me seem to have discovered their talent and are happy doing something they are good at, I’m still trying out activity after activity, wondering if this will be the one that proves my purpose in life, that brings me my own cutie mark.

What about you? Do you have your cutie mark, or are you still looking? And if you have it, do you have any tips on how to find mine?

Original art by Kinrah, based on characters from Hasbro.


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  1. I absolutely felt the same way until I finally accepted my passion for writing. That is to say, I fought the fact that I was really a “writer” for a long time. Now that I’ve given in to my love for writing, it’s so encouraging to find others out there who once felt the same way, and now have learned to embrace who they are.

    Keep searching, and one day, you’ll get your Cutie Mark, too!

  2. I read this aloud to my eight year old cousin. Honestly, I wouldn’t think about it. Have fun in all that trying and let those experiences become a part of you. As a good friend would say, “And then what?” After you’ve achieved all you’ve set out to do, what comes next? I wouldn’t want you to stop trying and reaching after you’ve “found” yourself. Don’t bully yourself with worry. I know that this is much easier said than done. That question makes me stop and think sometimes, though.

  3. We’re probably ALL cutie mark crusaders, to be honest. I don’t feel that I have found mine, but maybe it’s because it really is a life-long series of experiences. You may look back someday and find you’ve got dozens of cutie marks you never even knew were there!
    But I’m with ya. I feel like I’m still looking, too!
    Nice post!


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