B is for block

the letter BWriter’s block. Those dreaded words. And yet how can it exist? How can there be no words to flow? Maybe we become too obsessed over writing the right words, and by seeking perfection we get nowhere.

A block of time. Something that’s important if we are to achieve something. Can we make do with snatched moments, or do we need to timetable out a section of time that is set aside especially for a purpose? How do we allot our time? What proportion of our time is blocked for work, what proportion is blocked for surfing the web and complaining we have no time, and what proportion is blocked for using constructively, for achieving our dream?

Starting blocks. When we’ve made the decision that we’re going to get started, and that we’re not going to let our fear of not achieving perfection stand in our way of progress, we need to position ourselves on the starting blocks and prepare to start moving.

What other blocks stand in our way? Do they come from outside, or from within ourselves? My belief is that our biggest problems come from within, the blocks that we either erect ourselves or allow to stand unchallenged, until we believe that they are immovable and unsurmountable.

The game Minecraft is all about blocks. Breaking them down, collecting them and then rebuilding them in the shape you want, whether it’s to build a shelter to protect yourself from the creepers or to build a beautiful cathedral, or even a complete town. Different blocks need different tools, so it’s an ongoing process collecting what you need. You need wood to build pickaxes to get stone. You need stone to build picks to collect iron. You need iron to build picks to collect diamond. You need diamond to build picks to collect obsidian. So each block in your way becomes a weapon to defeat the next type of block. A lesson to learn maybe? Stop hacking away at obsidian with your bare hands and complaining about how it’s too hard, and start thinking carefully about what you need to defeat the easiest block and how you can use that to help you with the next one.


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  1. I believe we all have blocks of some kind keeping up from reaching our full potential. A-Z blogging has been very interesting. I’m reading lots of new blogs from different types of people with many varied interest.

  2. DL Shackleford

     /  April 2, 2013

    Blocks can move us or we can move them. You give writer’s block the potential to be helpful and motivational in the end.

  3. I did my “B” on writers “BLOCK”. I like how you discussed different blocks.

    The Write Soil

  4. Hello from the A to Z. Wonderful post! Happy blogging.

  5. Enjoyed this post. Great food for thought.

  6. Great B post honey šŸ™‚



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