A is for attitude

The letter ASo often attitude is the deciding factor. Without the right attitude, you are unlikely to learn, unlikely to progress. You can have all the brilliance in the world, but a bad attitude will push people away and result in missing opportunities. You can have all the talent needed, but unwillingness to push yourself and take advantage of your talent will result in you sitting watching others succeed while you are left behind. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to keep pushing yourself forward and keep trying, then that is enough to overcome obstacles.

I’m reminded of the story I heard about frogs who fell into a vat of milk. Now why frogs would be anywhere near a vat of milk I don’t know, but that’s not important with regards to the story. What is important is that the frogs were struggling and unable to get out of the barrel. Gradually they began to tire and began to drown. One gave up completely and sank to the bottom and died. The other refused to accept defeat, kept kicking and kicking and eventually found something strange happening: the milk was turning to butter and become more solid. Eventually the milk solidified completely and the frog was able to hop to safety.

Actually, I’m not sure the story makes a lot of sense, but it does show one thing: if you refuse to accept defeat and keep going, then eventually things will start to go your way. Just don’t give up too soon.

Yes, I’ve surrendered. It’s always dangerous to come across a challenge at the beginning, because I tend to get sucked in. I want to get into the habit of writing regularly, and this A-Z challenge is one way to achieve that. Let’s see how far my attitude will get me through the month.

Just to explain, the challenge is to write each day in April except Sundays, which gives a total of 26 posts, and focus on a different letter of the alphabet each day. More blogs following the challenge are here.


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  1. Yes, attitude and perseverence go a long way toward success. Great A post!

  2. You are so right attitude is so important and can change your whole day and push you to do better and do the things you really want to do.

  3. Great start to the challenge honey, yours is the 2nd post ive read today on “attitude” so a popular subject 🙂



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