I dreamed a dream

toilet cubicles, all engagedIn this dream, I was about to go on a trip with a bunch of kids. They were all lined up waiting for the coach to go ice skating, and I was invited to go along with them. I thought that was a great idea, but first I needed the toilet. We were just outside this huge amusement park, so I popped in there to find a public toilet to use.

When I got there, they were all occupied, so I ran on to the next block, to find them occupied too. I was running all round the place, and everywhere I went, there were no free cubicles. As a result, it took ages, and by the time I was finally successful and ran back the coach with the kids had gone and I’d missed the trip.

As I stood there, disappointed, a voice said to me, “You fool. You were so impatient, not willing to wait, and so you missed out. If you’d just chosen one and waited there, it didn’t matter which one, but eventually you would have been successful and it would have been far quicker than refusing to wait and always moving on too fast, wanting success to just drop in your lap.”

That dream has haunted me for the last couple of days, as I ponder the sense of it and wonder how far it applies.

You see, I’ll jump around between interests, and if one isn’t productive I’ll move on to the next. Maybe if I were to choose just one and stick with it, no matter which one, then I’d make progress far more quickly than this always moving on.

And yet a part of me refuses to accept this as deeply as it could. Because it’s not a case of getting something out of the way before I can progress, the choice of which to choose is far more important, and by jumping around from interest to interest I do make progress with each and can relate each to the other more successfully. Rather than knowing more and more about less and less, I know little bits of a lot of things, and so can get an overall view. And that’s just as important in its own way.

However, I will bear the dream in mind, and make sure that if I do decide something is worth doing and I want to do it then I’m not wasting time looking for the easy way instead of pushing on through the impatience at hard times to the point where I can be successful.



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