At the weekend it was just great to do normal weekend stuff that didn’t involve work in any way.

Yesterday being the first day of the holiday week I could do all those things that I can’t normally do during the week – go for a long run, work on a software project.

Today being that much further through the one week that I have off, the tension between relaxing and working has begun to build. I know I have work that needs to be done this week, but I don’t want to do it, and it’s not urgent enough that I have to, but it’s enough that it nags me and makes me feel guilty about not doing it.

The way I see it, I have three options here: I can plough on with the work and allow the resentment to build again. I can ignore the work for a little longer and allow the guilt to build until I give in and get the work done, in the meantime having wasted time. Or I can find myself something really constructive to do in order to feel justified in not working, on the understanding that I’m making good use of my time and will be fully prepared to get on with work tomorrow, and then a little bit each day until it’s time to go back.

So I’m intending to go out and get some fresh air, and then do some writing, and then start working on another software project that’s been sitting in my head for a while.

And then tomorrow I’ll be that much more refreshed and that much more prepared to get on with the work, in the knowledge that I’ve not wasted this precious time agonising over it beforehand.


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