Making the most of time

It’s been six tough weeks, but it’s finally half term and a chance to catch my breath. My aim is to make the most of this week to spend time on those things there just haven’t been time for lately.

I divide them into two areas, which subdivide and subdivide in some cases into individual activities.

There’s technical – which breaks to electronics and programming – which breaks into java/python/app inventor

There’s creative – which breaks into writing and art – which breaks into painting, drawing and electronic art.

Then there’s the rest – the house and exercise and the family.

Over the weekend I ran parkrun, did a painting and a tiny of bit of sketching, I went out to lunch with most of the family and got some of the washing done.

So far today I’ve had a three hour lie-in – boy did I need that! – and then been for a slow but enjoyable 6k run. I’ve done a little tidying in the bedroom, put more washing on and the intention this afternoon is to pick up the software projects that have been sitting neglected and take a look at them. This evening I can sit sketching. I’m trying to remember that it’s not just a choice between sketching with a pencil or painting, there are other activities as well, which use up some of the vast variety of art supplies I’ve collected.

I have work to do this week as well, but as far as I’m concerned the most important job I have to do is to sharpen my axe – or put on my oxygen mask, depending on which metaphor you prefer.

(The warning that in an emergency the first oxygen mask you put on is your own, because if you can’t breathe you can’t help those around you. The story of the two men who went for a job felling trees. The first day the first man cut down 20, the second man did 5. The second day the first man did 10, the second man did 5. The third day, the first man did 2, the second man did 5. The secret – the second man remembered to spend time sharpening his axe in between felling trees.)

I still have more of my Merlin story to write. I want to map out that novel that’s been haunting me for years. I want to get plenty of practice in drawing, including using my coloured pencils. I want to continue working on the games that I’ve been thinking of coding – and that links in to work as well. I want to get into the habit of running regularly during the week. I want to work through some of the electronics-related Christmas gifts I got. But most of all I want to figure out a way to manage my time during term time, because there must be a way of working more efficiently, so that everything gets done and I still have time to feel I have a life outside working, because if you don’t find time to sharpen your axe in between trees eventually you wear yourself to a complete stop and achieve nothing at all.


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