audio commentaries

Finally my Merlin season 5 DVD set has arrived and I can watch it and listen to the commentaries. I love hearing the actors argue and chat over the episodes, but even better are the episodes where the writers and directors get their say. You hear all sorts of stories about the writing and filming of the episodes, what tricks they had to use, what worked and what didn’t, inside stories – like how they hard-boiled 120 eggs for the juggling scene instead of realising they could use wooden or rubber eggs – and generally get a really interesting view of life on the other side of the screen.

It’s even more enjoyable now I’ve finally figured out to turn on the subtitles, so I can follow the storyline of the episode properly while listening!

I just wish that the DVD producers would realise that the loud repetitive music and flashy sequences in the menu section are entertaining for the first two minutes/first viewing and thereafter simply become totally irritating and off-putting.

The first disk, containing the first three episodes of the season, all have commentaries on them – I hope my luck continues and there are lots of episodes with commentaries throughout all 13 episodes. And that I get a chance to get through them in the near future. Mind you, I’ve come to quite enjoy my Sunday mornings ironing in front of the little TV in the kitchen.


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