Day 1 of 365

So here we are at the beginning of another year. This one didn’t get off to a brilliant start, as I slept badly last night (including being woken at 3am by my son who’d decided it was time to take the decorations down!), but it got better as I ran Parkrun New Year’s Day special in 34:29, over a minute faster than my previous PB. Now I’m starting to look at possible 10k events. There are two that I’m interested in, one in mid-May and one in mid-July. With a bit of planning and preparation I should be fit enough to take part in them by then; I’ve already started to increase my distance a little, going on the plan of slow but steady increases.

It does feel good when I’m out running, now that I know I can keep going. I went out round the roads on Sunday, concentrating on lengthening the route rather than on speed, and I ran continuously for nearly 50 minutes, settling to a reasonable pace of between 7 and 8 minutes for each km without pushing hard.

I’m still writing my fanfiction story. Still managing a post a day so far, and tonight’s post was just a tad under 2000 words. I really need to try getting ahead rather than wasting time; the trouble is that I’m in that horrible section of school holidays where I can’t relax and do what I want because I know there’s work to do before the start of next term, but I’m not yet ready to settle to that work and get on with it efficiently, with the result that I sit and achieve nothing.

I’m still working my way through my Merlin DVDs – partway through season 2 so far – for research, and I’m pottering at doing work, but tomorrow I’m intending to go for a road run, do a concentrated hour or two of work and then get the drawing stuff out. Maybe even the acrylics, if I can find where someone has hidden my bag of paints. The trouble is that I tend to want to paint a masterpiece, whereas the truth is I should really be doing simple shapes and fills and getting used to mixing and applying paint. Still, whatever I choose to do, I know that it will be relaxing and constructive, rather than this stupid timewasting that achieves neither work nor relaxation.


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  1. I always count jan 1st as limbo day between years as the hangover rules out anything conscructive lol hope the rest of the year goes great for you


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