Well it looks like we’ve reached Christmas, more or less, so it’s time to decide on a plan.  Mine is to spend my time wisely, on positive things, and forget about work completely for at least the first week.  I intend to go for regular runs (at home during the day means I can actually go for a proper run rather than head to the gym), do some drawing and painting, maybe even some writing, and the closest I intend to come to work is exploring and developing various skills for my own benefit.

During week 2 I will have to get some planning done, but again I intend to take it steady and approach it in a positive way, and not in a way that promotes stress.  The aim is to reach the beginning of next term having refreshed myself physically and mentally, and ready to face the challenges.

Let’s see how far I get to meeting all that 😉

First off, it’s heading out for a road run this morning before the real tidying/cleaning spree begins.  My penance for missing Parkrun yesterday.  I really want to get my time down under 30 mins so I don’t feel quite so worried about being a long way behind the pack and keeping the marshals out longer if it’s raining hard, freezing cold or both.

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