“Coming to lunch with us?”

Anna hesitated.  She was starving, admittedly, but she usually made a point of avoiding communal dining rooms.  She couldn’t explain why, but they made her feel uneasy.

“Come on, then I can finish telling you about John.”

The other two looked at her expectantly and she shrugged and changed direction, following them towards the dining room.

As she lined up and collected her cutlery she started feeling strange.  There was something lurking in her memory…

She shook it off and moved towards the food, tray in hand, but as the first lady held up a ladle full of food Anna suddenly felt overwhelmed by the sensation of being in a loud room, full of people chattering and cutlery clashing, although in reality the dining room was nearly empty by this point.

She looked at the ladle, then at the dinner lady.  She backed away, shaking her head to try and rid herself of the strange flashbacks.

It had been so long since she had been in this situation, she had all but forgotten what it was like, but now the smell of cabbage and gravy overwhelmed her senses and she just managed to put her tray down on a table before walking rapidly to the door, head down, lost in a world she barely recognised.

She ignored the calls of the other two, almost running out of the door and back to her office.  There she put her head in her hands and sat breathing heavily, trying to shake off the sensations that were drowning her.  She vowed once again to find a hypnotherapist and delve into her past, to find out why ladles and cutlery and communal food brought out these strange non-memories.


 Although my reactions aren’t anywhere near this strong, I do get these strange flashbacks in these situations.  And when I smell creosote too!  Explanations gratefully accepted…

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