A few days ago my life changed completely. One moment I was having fun with friends on a cruise, the next we experienced a freak storm that capsized the boat. I’ve no idea what happened to the others, but I came to lying on the beach of what turned out to be a small island. Now my greatest concern is whether to develop this shelter or whether I’d be better off moving to the other side of the island. Someday soon I might scout round the area, to see whether the resources are better over there, but for now I have my cove in which I swim and fish every day and enough to eat by foraging until it gets too hot.
The storms can get quite violent, but my banana leaf and bamboo shelter is cosy enough and I lie here listening to the rain on the roof. I’ve not yet completed the walls, so I can see the sea from my bed, the sound of the water soothing me to sleep. I’ve found a way to make what I need from whatever is around me, and my world has reduced to the size of this island.
thought I’d share with you one of my getting to sleep fantasies, inspired by the sims castaway game 🙂

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