Lovely day for a run

A bit chilly this morning for Parkrun, and we ran a slightly different course to avoid destroying the grass on the usual route – this was called the lollipop route, and it was soon obvious why, as it was a 2k run along the prom, a large 1k circle at the end and then 2k back along the prom, so mostly very flat.  I enjoyed the strange sensation of moving forward through the rest of the pack who was going slower (ok, we had to walk a way to the new start, and I was jogging slightly to warm up while they were walking, but it’s the thought that counts!). I couldn’t find my woolly hat, but set off with long sleeved shirt, jacket and gloves – ditched the jacket and gloves by halfway and was glad in the end that I didn’t have the hat.  Marshals were as encouraging as ever, with one even commenting that he could see me improving every week I ran.  While I’m still not part of the main pack, I was definitely amongst a few runners at the back, and I was running all the way – although the final few hundred yards were up a steep slope to the finish line, and by the time I reached the top of that I was staggering, not sure my legs would actually hold my weight!

Still, I had my pacing watch with me this time, and having set it to 37 minutes for the distance and been convincingly ahead of the virtual partner all the way, I was really pleased to be reported with a new personal best of 36:07 – that’s about two minutes faster than last week and 1 3/4 mins off my previous best of 37:52!


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  1. Keep up the great work you will soon be moving through that pack 😀


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