Going further by going slower

Gym night again tonight, and as usual I set out for my 30 mins plus cooldown on the treadmill, but this time I decided to try a different approach.  So far I’d been alternating running at a 9kph pace and walking at a 6kph pace, and managing about 2 mins running each time before slowing to a walk to recover for a minute or two.  This time I set the treadmill at 7kph, and set out at a slow run.  Two minutes passed, and I felt no need for a walking break at all, so I kept going.  And going.  And going.  I knew I wouldn’t be breaking any records for distance at that speed, but I would be doing more running than walking, and I want to build up the distance I can run without a break before worrying too much about speed.

So I just kept running.  And when I reached 29 minutes, I sped up to the 9kph speed for the last minute so that when I hit cooldown it wouldn’t slow down too much too soon.  The result was that I covered just a fraction under 4k during the 35 mins (5 mins cooldown on the end), which is indeed not as far as I have been doing, but I felt so amazingly good about doing the whole thing as a run, that I am confident that I can gradually increase the pace as well and so increase the overall distance covered in the time.

Now I feel like I’m really a runner, instead of a wannabe runner.

Where’s that magazine with the list of races again?  …..

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