Enticing goodies

It’s the end of the weekend.  Sitting on my desk is a pressie from my husband – a microbug that needs to be soldered together before I can set it crawling across my desk. There’s a magazine on the sofa that I was recently flicking through and reading information about various races in – before telling myself that I need to be able to run 5k consistently without walking breaks and preferably in under 30 minutes before I even think about taking my running any further.  The kitchen still needs sorting after the efforts both DIY and professional that took place in it over the past week.  Meanwhile I’m seriously contemplating heading for bed any minute now.

Running doesn’t take up that much of my time, and I’m willing to bet that the energy and health it gives me far makes up for what it takes away.  Still, I need to get properly organised, so that I don’t spend a morning battling with myself over work that needs to be done, or playing games instead of getting that ironing sorted.  There’s lots of enticing goodies out there in life, but they don’t fall in your lap, you have to work towards them.  And that means you have to want them enough.

Right now all I really want is that cup of tea that’s waiting and then my bed.  Preferably with a long uninterrupted night’s sleep.


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