Where should you be and where are you now?

I didn’t manage to improve on my time in parkrun today, but I did find a slightly different way of running – I have a gps watch which so far I’ve been using just to time my run, but this time I managed to fiddle around enough to turn on the virtual partner, and set a time on it, which means that throughout the whole run I was aware of whether I was ahead of or behind where I should be to finish on time.  I found this incredibly useful as feedback.  Okay I didn’t manage to finish ahead of the pace, but I still had a firm idea how I was doing.

Is this true in life?  Do you always know exactly where you are, where you are going and how well you are doing on your path to get there?  Something I need to make sure comes across in my teaching too.  All too often we can have ambitious goals set, but with no clear idea of how to get from here to there or how we are doing on the journey.  Sometimes we need a virtual partner to provide pacing, so that we can see if we’re ahead and can take a breather or behind and need to figure out the problem and press on faster.


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