Water water everywhere

Minor disaster tonight – over the past week we had a new water boiler put in. The old one was in the bathroom, but this one is in the kitchen.  We’re not sure if something got damaged somewhere along the line, but when I pulled the plug out of the kitchen sink tonight the surround came up with it and the pipe underneath fell away, resulting in the sink emptying itself all over the floor.

We cursed and mopped it up, and looked at the plumbing and decided the dishwasher and washing machine would be OK as they join the pipe lower down.

When we finished dinner and took the plates out it was to find a very wet floor – the washing machine had drained out of the pipe and all over the floor.  Mop!

So we now have a nice shiny new boiler to heat our water but we can’t actually use the sink until someone manages to get underneath it tomorrow and reconnects the pipe.



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