Some amazing stories

I love reading blogs about people’s lives.  My life is routine and boring, so I liven it up with stories and musings, but there are some fascinating life stories out there that you get to follow as they unfold.  For many years – 7 or so I think – I’ve been following the story of a young boy who drowned when he was two.  He was brought back to life but lives on with severe problems.  I’ve picked up more recently the blog of a family who has ten children, the youngest with Downs syndrome, and has just adopted another child with downs from an orphanage in Bulgaria.  They are now working towards adopting another child with severe disabilities.

There’s the story of a girl who suffered a severe stroke at the age of 20.  There’s the story of a little boy who has a life limiting illness but not dying fast enough for the support system to work properly. The story of the junior school girl who blogs about her school dinners, and in the process has raised amazing amounts of money for a charity that provides meals to children in schools in developing countries, and has united children round the world in sharing stories about their food and their experiences.  There are so many stories out there of amazing lives, and I feel privileged to be able to share along with those stories.

This is a wonderful feature of the internet – that it reduces barriers, makes us all communicators rather than consumers of information.  Gives us a glimpse of other lives.  Shows us just how wonderful people can be.


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  1. The global village. Some of those stories really force you to see beauty in the world, don’t they? That’s probably my favorite thing about the web, inspiration is everywhere.


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