How do you find the right bough?

The bird in a forest can perch but on one bough. This should be the wise man’s pattern.  That was the quote from yesterday on my Zen calendar.  It’s very true, and ties in with something else I read – before you start working on climbing that ladder, make sure it’s the right one.  If you don’t know where you want to be, how can you possibly get there? That’s something I’m learning as I teach – if I don’t have a clear objective in mind of exactly what we need to achieve in class, then we’re far less likely to achieve it.

I’ve always been one to try climbing several ladders at once.  I find it hard to know exactly what I want and tend to try to do everything.  I’ve discovered in reading, though, that this can be self-sorting – if I start reading three books at once, I probably find that a few pages into one of them I’ll lose interest, while another might catch my interest so much I find it hard to put down, and so the uncertainty of which book to read is resolved. The same way with interests – I enjoy painting and drawing, and I enjoy writing, and yet if I don’t actually make the time for them, I guess that shows how high they lie in my priorities.

Sometimes it’s easy to persuade yourself – or allow yourself to be persuaded – that you want to be in a particular place, or situation, only to find when you get there that it’s not what you expected, not what you hoped, not what you really wanted.  Sometimes you really want to be in a particular place, but fate seems to direct otherwise, and you remain gazing at it from far off.

I need to get my ass into gear, figure out where I want to be, and work like hell to get there.  Wherever there may be.


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