Is it cheating?

Got further than ever on the treadmill tonight – but I did set it to no climb.  The parkrun route is mostly very flat, so it’s not really cheating, is it?  And better to build up the distance first and then start working on increasing difficulty, right?  That’s my theory, anyway!

Time for another parkrun tomorrow, so I guess I’d better aim for some decent sleep tonight.  It would make a change, to be honest.  Mind you, just like running, if you keep going for long enough you eventually toughen up and survive better, right?  Survive or die, anyway.

So sink or swim?  In at the deep end or ease in gently?  Better drowned than duffers, if not duffers won’t drown?

I think I’m tired.  Maybe too tired to think straight.  So I’m going to go to bed,  maybe even to sleep, and I’ll figure it out in the morning.



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