The learning curve

the learning curveWhen we talk of a learning curve, we tend to think of it as a steady climb, steep or shallow.  But I also like one theory that it’s more like a dip, a valley between two hills.  It’s divided up into two dimensions, consciousness and competence.  I think the consciousness is also linked to happiness.

The journey starts on a high – you’re not very good, but you don’t know you’re not very good, so you’re content.  You’re in the area of unconscious incompetence.

With experience, you start to realise that actually you’re not as good as you thought you were.  You’re acutely aware of your mistakes, and you begin down that slide into the slump of conscious incompetence.

As you become aware of your mistakes, you start to figure out what you’re doing wrong, and you can start to fix things, but it’s an effort all the time, and you’re acutely aware of what you need to do.  You’re now drifting across into the area of conscious competence.

Now the real learning climb begins, until you eventually reach the point where you can do things right without having to concentrate on them so much, and things become easier again.  You’ve finally reached the area of unconscious competence.

So where are you on the learning curve of life?  More important to me right now, where am I?



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