Less of a post, more of a pop my head round the door

I’m determined to make a post a day this month, but don’t have time to do very much tonight as we’re having special visitors at work for the next couple of days.

It’s always kind of tough when you have to put on a show for visitors – there’s the last minute tidying, making sure everything is perfect and worrying that things won’t go just as they should and there will be problems.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s OFSTED visiting a school or Grandma visiting the house for Christmas, the end result can be the same – so much tension that no-one really enjoys the visit because you’re too worried things might go wrong.

This brings me to wondering: why do we still need to sleep? Surely by now they should have invented some way we can do without sleep.  It’s such a complete waste of time.

And yet – it builds rhythm into the day. It gives a time of energy followed by a time of relaxing and reflection.  The year cycle is the same: growth and then resting.  So why do we expect ourselves to continue doing the same day after day consistently instead of allowing things to flow naturally?  I suppose the weekend is part of that, with a day or two away from work for most people, but somehow it doesn’t feel enough.  It feels like there should be some other level of ebb and flow of energy.

In a school we get six or seven weeks’ work followed by a break, which provides its own rhythm.  What about other jobs?  A couple of weeks a year?  Or are we better moving steadily on, and having too many breaks and flows just disturbs the train of thought?

I’ll think about it.  While I sleep.


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