Every year the publicity starts – and it doesn’t help that my email address is on a list both for the national/regional groups and for the local group – which just to add fuel to the fire is run by people I know.  I’ve done nano a couple of times, I think, and failed a couple of times more.  I’m enticed by the high of sensing the characters coming alive and arguing with me – and I suffer under time pressure, as really there’s little time to do anything but work.

So this year I’m making a decision NOT to do nanowrimo.  I just can’t commit to not only the time pressure of completing an average of 1600-2000 words a day, but the emotional pressure of having to deal with story development on top of everything else.

But what I will try to do is nablopomo – writing a blog entry every day for a month – and also trying to post a picture every day.  My problem with writing every day is that it’s not always something that should be published on the web, but it’s difficult to keep track of what I’m writing if I don’t publish it.

I guess I’ve got 24 hours to ponder that and figure out my approach.  Besides, it’s not as if I’m inundated with readers, who are likely to publicise my words, is it? 😉

Still, there’s stuff going on right now that I need to get out of my head and down in words somewhere, even if it’s not somewhere public, so I’ll be writing every day, even if it’s not open to others.  After all, I keep a daily diary recording activities of the day, and I’ve kept that up for several years (I think I’m halfway through the 3rd 5 year diary!).  So I’m already in the habit of writing regularly, even if it is just a few lines.

The advantage of committing to writing this way is that I’m not expecting to have anything that hangs together as a complete piece of writing by the end of the month.  What I do hope to do is to have got into the habit of writing, working through problems and expressing myself regularly.  Because I need something like that right now.

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  1. Good luck with your challenge honey 🙂



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