Life as a DJ

a vinyl recordMany years ago, I served a stint working for a hospital radio station, during the weekends.  During this time I was taught how to cue up and play records and present programmes.  This always made me a little nervous: there were two turntables, and the idea was that as soon as you started one record you would take the old record off the other turntable and put it in its case,then put on the next one, putting the needle in roughly the right place, turning it to find the sound of the music starting then turn it back a fraction so that as you hit the power the music would start just as the turntable hit the right speed.  This was known as cueing the record.

The thing that made me anxious was the thought that if anything went wrong during this process, or I got distracted, then there would be nothing cued.  The old music would finish, I would have to talk, and there would be nothing to take over from me at the touch of a button.

One night as I was practising, the pressure was added even more: I discovered that unbeknown to me, the DJ in the youth club that shared the building had switched over to my practice feed, and he came in, presented me with a pile of singles and told me I was running the disco for the next half hour or so!  No talking needed, but the frantic pressure of record after record after record, never daring to break concentration or fail to get that next record ready.

Life feels a little like that at the moment.  No sooner have I sorted what I need for one lesson, than there’s another one waiting to be dealt with.  No chance to let up, because if the preparation doesn’t get done there’s nothing there to take over.  In reality, they don’t usually take too long to prepare, and I quite enjoy doing it, but it’s the relentlessness, the knowledge that there’s always the next one waiting.

I’ve started exercising regularly, and I’m finding that actually I can fit it into the day, and I usually come back with enough energy to carry me through the evening just as well as if I’d spent the whole evening slumped with the laptop.  I’d like to feel there was enough time to add in other interests, like writing and art and my own learning.  Maybe one day, but I don’t think it will happen just yet.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep spinning those records, and hope that I don’t end up with a faulty one, or get distracted and fail to cue up the next one.  Or maybe I’ll find myself a cart full of jingles, just for that little extra breathing space if I need it.


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