Introducing the children part 1 – James

JamesOne of the children is James.  James was adopted just before his first birthday, to a woman by the name of Cathy. Over the past few years Cathy has begun to suffer from severe back problems, to the point where her mobility is severely impaired and James is her carer.  Every day before school he helps her get up and dressed, and when he comes in he will cook her meal, sit with her for the evening and help her into bed at night.  He has few friends, because he doesn’t have any time to spare for them; all his time is absorbed in school work or caring for his mother.

James is always seen at school as a quiet child, who takes anything directed his way, although there have been a couple of occasions when he has shocked staff with violent outbursts.

James has physical strength beyond normal for his age – this comes in handy when helping his mother, and he dismisses it at first as being a result of the work she does for her, but at the back of his mind he also has the fear that he in some way caused her back problems.  Because of this, he welcomes the chance to do things for her, and he also sometimes uses her as an excuse to himself to avoid people whenever he can.  When he meets with the others and his full powers are triggered, they all have telekinesis and telepathy, but James’ powers in that area are far stronger than the rest.

Chapter – James

“Are you sure you don’t need anything?”  Looking far older than his nine years, James fussed over his mother, making sure that her drink was in easy reach and she had the TV controls next to her.

“ I’m fine, James, don’t worry about me.”  Cathy tried to sound as if she meant it, but in reality she was totally dependent on her son, and they both knew it.  Her health depended on his constant support and attention, and his welfare lay in making sure that they could continue in this way without interference from the social services, who might take him back into care and force her to have outside help.  She looked around at the comfortable home that had become her prison, and shivered.

“Are you too cold?”

“No, son, I’m fine.  Please, you go and play with your friends.”

“I can’t.”  James found himself unable to leave her, suddenly terrified that something bad was going to happen.  “ I’ve got homework.  I’ve just remembered.  I really need to stay here and get it done.”

“James!”  His mother pretended to be cross with him, but they were both aware that it was just a pretence; that she was as pleased to have him stay with her for the evening as he was to be able to stay and make sure for himself that she was safe.

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