Six sentence Sunday?

I was searching for a file on my computer the other day and one totally irrelevant option it came up with was an old nano novel I started in 2006.  (Several options, actually – I think I have around 21 incremental versions of the story!).  I can’t even remember if I finished the story, but the latest version I have is 50,138 words long and 118 pages.  The big question now is: is it worth going back through it and trying to do something with it?  Can I even do that, bearing in mind all I have is the story itself and no planning notes that I can find (I know it’s nano, and so more or less stream of consciousness, but I have so many characters it’s going to be fun keeping them all straight!)?

The opening of the story:

I looked around me in satisfaction: all these problems, and I was going to be the one to save them.  A whole world, grateful to me.  One of the babies cried, and I stooped to pick it up.  One of the girls, I think it was; it’s difficult to tell, when they’re all dressed in these white suits.  Really, white isn’t a good colour for babies; grey would have been better, or maybe vomit green,  but you have to do things right, don’t you? As future saviours of the human race, they had to wear white – even if it was smeared with food and grimy from crawling around on the floor.

Okay, I confess, I had to juggle it a little to make it six sentences long 🙂

So, I’ve added technical writer to my resume for the summer – do I add aspiring novelist as well?  Whatever I do, I think I need to get back into the habit of writing regularly either on here, in my hand written notebook or possibly both.  I miss the stimulus of putting words together in an imaginative way.

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  1. Is your 2006 Nano worth doing anything with?

    Do you like the story?
    Does it interest you?
    Do you beleive in it?
    Are you passionate about it?
    Can you see yourself spending hours of your life on it?

    If the answer is yes to most of these questions, I’d say go for it! 😉

    Why not say ‘fiction’ writer rather than aspiring novelist? 😉


    • Aarrgghh, you’re making me think now!
      Do I like the story? no, it has a lousy plot – in fact no real plot at all, just the characters
      Does it interest me? yes, if I can figure out a plot to go with the characters, it’s the sort of stuff I like reading
      Do I believe in it? not in its present form
      Am I passionate about it? About the idea, I guess so. Less about its current incarnation.
      Can I see myself spending hours on it? ah… I can see myself seeing if I can figure out the plot. Not much point otherwise. But yeah, I might give it a go. Trouble is, I need to feel involved in the characters to really enjoy writing. But this definitely has possibilities, I think 🙂 The characters are kids who appeal to me, so it’s figuring out exactly what to do with them.

  2. Well, it sounds to me like you should give it a go 😉



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