Oh dear

I read through that novel.  Lots of characters – too many, possibly: about halfway through there’s a note chapter that said I was merging the ten main characters into five, dropping a couple altogether and merging others by pairs.  It had interesting ideas, but was far too poorly plotted to make it worth reading.  And it ended with aliens appearing in a spaceship above Canterbury Cathedral.  Need I say more?

And yet… it was a nano novel.  It was thrown together over a period of 30 days.  It’s interesting to read my comments for each day – I use the nano spreadsheet, which keeps track of words written each day, and has space for a comment.  These range from “I can do this!” to “I didn’t meet the target for yesterday, and today it’s hard to get going again”, along with “I’m going in completely the wrong direction, but I’m loving it, and it’s going well.”

Talking of the wrong direction – I get diverted about three-quarters of the way through, and a totally unrelated short story creeps in.  Because this was a story that was familiar to me and I related to it, it was far better written than the rest.

So generally, although I’m happy to agree that the whole thing is complete rubbish, nevertheless it represents an achievement – 50,000 words in 30 days – it provided me with masses of writing practice, and buried within that heap of junk is possibly one or two salvageable ideas.

It might be worth picking it apart, gathering the bones of the characters and starting again with a much tighter, more thought-out plot.  The only question is, 5 characters or all 10?  Oh, and what do I do about the aliens about to land on the Cathedral?

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