Writing is writing, right?

ICT in action bannerSo we’ve reached the summer holidays, and all this free time.  The trouble is, there seems to be so much I want to do, for a change, and therefore little time to do it in.

I do still want to write regularly, but I’ll also be writing on my other blog – ICT in Action.  That’s far more technical than this one, which is more creative.  I’ve decided to work on a project over the holidays, which will use all my skills – technical skills, programming skills and creative/writing skills.  I’ve no idea where that blog will go – I’m writing for myself in the main instance.  I know we talk about needing to think about audience and purpose, but for now my audience is primarily myself, to record what I’m doing and enjoy the chance to be productive, and if anyone else finds it who fancies learning about technical stuff then they’re welcome to it too.

I’m not an expert, and a little voice inside me is crying out: “Why bother?  You’ll only look silly, trying to pretend to be this expert when you’re not.  No-one will bother reading it unless it’s to laugh at you and your silly efforts.”

Then I firmly turn round to that voice and reply: “Yes, it may be pointless.  Yes, it might make me look silly.  But at least I’m doing something constructive, enjoyable and possibly useful.  At the very least the skills I will develop will help me personally and professionally, and maybe it will find the sort of readers who would enjoy my topics.  I’ve had enough of watching the content others create and feeling envious; it’s time I started doing things myself.  If it looks silly to others, then tough.  I’m sure that if I do anything like this my skills will improve, which is a benefit in itself, and at least I will have tried.”

The line between user and creator is blurring; I’d like to experience the other side for a while.  Trouble is, whatever I intend to do today ends with the phrase: “but first tidy your desk.”    That’s why I’m getting everything done but!  Is it better to work on it piece by piece, or clear it all off into a pile, achieve the desk that I’d like to have ready for working and then gradually work through the displaced stuff?  Clearing my desk is like archaeology – I gradually get down to different tasks that I’ve put to one side or forgotten to do.

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  1. I only started my blog as my own personal record of my writing journey, never expecting anyone to actually be interested lol 😉

    Good luck with the new blog honey, oh, and one thing you can do over the summer is meet me for a coffee!!!!! 🙂


  2. Cheers – and just name the day! When you get back sometime? I want to hear all about it 🙂


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