My first award!


Thanks Vikki! I’m not very good at doing these award things, and as a newcomer to this blogging business I’m sure that the blogs I follow have already had loads of awards, so I’m going to be mean and not pass this on, but it’s nice to feel I’ve established myself enough to be nominated.

As for facts about me:

Both my parents worked nights as I was growing up, so I can’t cope with loud music etc – far too conditioned to tiptoe around and keep quiet

I completed nanowrimo twice and I think I attempted it on two more occasions

I failed my introduction to writing fiction course with the OU because my Dad died just around the time I should have been writing the final assignment, but I did enjoy the level 1 English Language module I studied

I play drawsome, checking games and completing rounds every morning and evening.  I currently have 3 games with over 100 turns in each

My first hero worship was for the Six Million Dollar Man

I’m still haunted by a book I read for French A level – called Le Grand Meaulnes, it tells of a boy who stumbles on a strange house and party, and spends his whole life searching for it again.

I have  a pathological fear of being rejected, and that as much as anything else is why I’m not nominating other blogs – sort of inverse snobbery, I guess.


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