From little acorns…

acornI have spent a good part of the afternoon trying to display a few words on an otherwise blank webpage.

The fact that I could have achieved this – and far more – really easily using other methods has nothing to do with this.

Sometimes it’s not the act itself that is momentous, but what that act represents.  In this case, it represents the fact that I managed to get an application up and running on google’s app engine, using python.  This means that I’ve taken the first step towards building awesome web applications.

Well, maybe 😉

I haven’t written for a few days, not even the prompt for the day.  Part of my excuse is that I’ve been too tired, but to be honest it’s been exactly that: an excuse.  I could have made the time to write, but I felt flopping in front of the TV or reading or just surfing the web was more important.  As a result, I feel lethargic, unenthusiastic and uninclined to do very much.  Exactly back to the mindset I was trying to get out of.

So I sat and wasted my time for most of the day, and then remembered an online course I’d started, on building web applications.  I got back to it, got the app engine sorted and running and uploaded an app – you can check it out here:  Don’t expect anything much, but remember that it represents a couple of hours of fiddling to achieve.  Now I can continue with those studies and see if I can actually get somewhere.  At the very least, I’ve already got a sense of achievement from it, and a sense that it was worth breaking out of the slump in order to actually get on and do something.  This evening I’ll probably watch TV, but I’ll also have my sketchbook open. And tomorrow I intend to get my acrylic paints out for a bit.  And I’ll definitely get back to that prompt book.  Because sometimes what you do has far greater implications than the end result would suggest.


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  1. It’s so easy to get distracted, but, I force myself to write every single day, I have to, be ause if I get out of the habit I just know I’ll regret it 😦



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