Hot and sticky and tired

stop signThis week seems to be passing agonisingly slowly – like being made to sit in front of a clock and do nothing else but stare at it all day.  And it doesn’t even have a second hand…

A parents’ evening last night meant I didn’t get home until after eight.  Tonight my son made me take him out for his first drive in our new car (he’s just learning to drive).  For the past few evenings I’ve been struggling to stay awake in the evenings.

All my excuses for not coming up with witty entertaining posts 😉

With the prompt for the day being the last stop before the end, it got me to thinking about the times that you get most of the way to your destination but end up getting off early.  A few years ago I was a student in France studying the language.  We were sent from the university into the town on the tram, and told what stop to get off.  No-one told us that there was another stop with a very similar name, well outside the town!

So I saw the stop, got off and urged the rest in our group to get off as well, and there we were, on the hill above the town, contemplating a long walk.

Still, it led to a conversation with a French resident, which boosted our confidence when we understood her, and we took the short cut through the castle grounds, which was interesting to see.  So although things didn’t go as planned we saw more interesting sights that made up for the mistake – although I didn’t live it down all week!

But sometimes we get off a stop early, distracted by something, and it stops us from ever getting to our destination.  Like when I crash in front of the TV instead of writing.  The new destination may be enjoyable, but it’s not the one planned.  We need to be careful to make sure we make a careful decision whether to allow ourselves to get off somewhere different and enjoy the experience, or whether we’re simply being careless, or thoughtless, or lazy, and missing the point altogether.

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