Into the depths

door to the depthsYesterday I decided it was about time I went through the files I rescued from my old poorly laptop, to see what was actually worth keeping.  In there I found a folder called stories.  Inside was some interesting stuff including drafts/plans for three novels (none of which are my current WIP).

I’ve no idea what state they’re in – I haven’t read through yet – but two were complete first drafts I believe, for nanowrimo.  The third is started but not very far in.  It served as a reminder that at a couple of points I have been fairly active in writing.  On rereading, I don’t think it’s too bad at all, although the main weakness of my writing is glaringly obvious – the main stuff I’ve written has been fanfiction, where there’s been no demand to draw characters or basic settings well because any reader will be very aware of them already.  As a result my writing tends to be bare bones action, with very little description or scene setting.

One in particular I believe is a story well worth persevering with, although in fact all three could well be continued further.  I’d sort of been forgetting about them, because of the lack of current work/notes for them, but now that excuse is gone.

With the realisation that writing needs to tap a nerve if it is to be really effective, I feel there’s going to be more venturing into the depths of hidden areas in the months to come.

As a side note, has anyone tried writing collaboratively?  Either as in co-authoring or as a group effort?  I’m also wary of writers’ circles – in my mind they tend to be groups of people who sit around reading their work to each other and telling each other how wonderful it is.  Am I wrong?  Are there truly supportive circles out there, with authors who seek constructive criticism rather than constant praise?  Am I just being grossly unfair to writers’ circles?

I would love to be involved with a group whose aim is to improve writing, but not very good at going out and joining things, and not sure how they would work anyway.  Surely there’s something similar that’s web-based, where people can post their writing to be reviewed in a constructive, supportive, positive atmosphere and share with each other?


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